It is a market place focus on Successful people.

Wall Street Legacy

We offer not only Luxury Products and high skilled Professionals but as well Invesment & Entrepreneur opportunities.
A few examples of what can you find:

  • In Investments: Bonds, Stocks, Crypto, Forex, Start Ups.
  • In Services: Legal, Medical, Banking, Marketing.
  • In Products: Property, Vehicles, Art, Jets, Yachts.
  • That and so much more.

Most Marketplaces are made for the masses and to sell anything, so they are not specialist on the best of the best and neither how to care for that level of clients and expectations.
That gap is where our company was born.

What is about?

APIS and hostings to add

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How does an Mobile App increases value and Produces income?

1: The level of its quality and complexity.

Imagine a simple App that doesn’t do much, it cannot be compared on value to one with multiple levels, options, upgrades and high end Design. The expansion capabilities are huge against a simple App.

2: It is available on both, Android and IOS Devices.

By not being in one Coding Language or another, the app limits itself the capacity of getting more users and in more countries.

3: How many downloads it has.

That shows the amount of people which the app reached and convinced it is interesting enough to download

4: How many active users it has. (Using at least once per week)

Active users are very important because they are the “citizens” of your app. Advertising companies will be very focus on this particular number because the same users can be reached many times with a product offer.

5: How many premium users it has. (Paid Version)

Those are the Elite of the citizenships of your app, they have far more access, options, things to do, no time limits, upgrades, etc. It is also an revenue for your app, as it’s a paid version.

6: How much publicity is talking about it. (News, websites, Vlogs, etc)

Articles about your app, videos, and more will guarantee attract more downloads, users, investors and advertising companies.

7: The investors it has shows a lot about an App

You have convinced big amounts of people to be shareholders and even global known companies, that is super positive and valuable

8: Microtransactions:

In an App usually on games users instead of gaining points, levels or upgrades on their character by playing, they can purchase those advances. Something that could take weeks to get normally can be instantly by paying for it.

9: Advertising:

CPC: Cost per click: CPI: Stands for Cost per install. CPCV: Cost per completed view CPM: Stands for Cost per Thousand Impressions.

10: Income it produces.

Income will consist on; Investors, Premium Users, Microtransactions and Advertisements.


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